• Dolphin Therapy
  • Swimming with Dolphin
  • Dolphin Therapy
Dolphin Therapy

We give a hug to our disabled children all together as a family. We provide them with opportunity to make friends with our lovely dolphins that will motivate and love them at least as much as we do. We offer this dolphin’s charitable service to our children in the best way.

Swimming with Dolphin

You can swim with our lovely dolphins at all hours of the day. You can also swim in pairs or in groups. You can touch, stroke and feed them by yourself. We make these happy moments memorable for you by taking photos and video recordings.

Dolphin Shows

The unforgettable Dolphin Shows resemble a visual feast. While you are watching their incredible talents, you can also enjoy our animation and dance shows.

Beach Club

While you are spending funny days with your friends, the famous DJs accompany you to increase the movement of summer day environment. Ice-cold cocktails are served by the talented bartenders at the same time.

Cafe & Restaurant

Breakfast and lunch, snacks and dinner, all kinds of food and beverages are available in our facility. While you are enjoying the day with our different tastes, you will not feel any absence on your table thanks to our friendly waiters.

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DOLPHIN PARK, the first and the only dolphin park in the natural habitat of dolphins (at sea), is located in an open bay with extremely clean water.




You can join our activities at reasonable prices by taking early reservation opportunities.


Dolphin Therapy

Therapy lasts approximately 45 minutes and 10 sessions under the guidance of a professional trainer and psychological counselor / rehabilitation specialist.

Swimming with Dolphin

You can also take a photo while swimming with dolphins under the guidance of a professional trainer.  CD is included in the price.

Dolphin Show

The entrance + about one hour show is included in the price